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Plug&Play Self Powered

Complete Front of House sound reinforcement systems. Plug and play active solutions. Premium European made components selected optimally for the application. Very easy to set up even by unskilled teams, minimizing the possibility of making mistakes. Ensure Your audience experiences all the emotions flowing from the stage. Read More

Line Arrays

Modern system solutions with extraordinary timbre and aesthetics with a range of over 25m for the largest stages and audiences. Scalable and easy to use. Dedicated amplification with telemetry as well as prediction software. We will offer you the optimal solution to cover the most demanding spaces with pristine audio. Read More

Point sources

Designed to perform multiple tasks coaxial and collinear loudspeaker modules. Elements for every venue size, theaters, clubs and complementary elements of large events. Polyurea coated for waterproof applications to work in installations with dedicated accessories, amplifiers and DSP. Read More


Selection of low frequency enclosures designed with latest advancements in transducers technology. Huge motor strength and great BL parameters to achieve highest efficiency and excellent impulse response. Optimized to work in both standard and pattern controlled configurations. From small studio to festival infra-subs engineered to meet the demanding performance needs of professionals. Read More

Stage monitors

Low profile, high SPL level, resistant to feedback and touring wear and tear, but above all, excellent timbre. Multi-functional as floor monitors, but also suitable as a front sound system or supplementary elements on large stages Read More


Efficient, multi-channel, lightweight stage amplifiers and stand-alone processor units. Thanks to the unique features of the integrated DSP, we offer even better control and protection of the loudspeaker system with modern telemetry. Recommended for FAVO sound systems and compatible with other manufacturers' devices Read More

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