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Line Arrays

Line arrays

Modern system solutions with a range of over 25m for the largest stages and audiences. Scalable and as easy to use as possible. We will offer you the optimal solution to sound the most demanding space.



- 1x8"LF + 2x1.7" waveguide
- 25cm high, 43cm wide, 15kg
- SPL@1m: 97dB,
- directivity: 110/12' wide and 80'/12' narrow,
- frequency response: 70Hz - 18kHz. Read More


- 2x8"LF + 2x1.7" waveguide
- 25cm high, 55cm wide, 21kg
- SPL@1m: 100dB
- directivity: 90'/12'
- frequency response: 70Hz - 18kHz. Read More

DUKE MAX line array set active self powered

- linear system with a range of up to 40m and 1500 people
- possibility of using the RENTAL NETWORK
- set power: 8200W
- frequency response: 33Hz - 18kHz,
- active with DSP, remote control via ethernet
- transport accessories included Read More

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