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Fully scalable sub-bass sound system components with high efficiency and excellent timbre. Optimized to work in both standard and directionally controlled configurations. Here you will find a cross-section of products from small studio basses to festival infrasubs.



- frequency range: 35 -120Hz
- 12" woofer, 3" voice coil, neodymium magnet
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- frequency range: 35 -120Hz
- built-in three-channel amplifier 1000W + 2x500 RMS also drives the system's satellites
- available in a passive version
- 12" woofer, 3" voice coil, neodymium magnet
- Max SPL efficiency (1W/1m): TBA
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- frequency range: 35-180Hz
- recommended amplifier power RMS: 1300W - 2000W
- 15" woofer, 4" voice coil, neodymium magnet
- Max SPL efficiency (1W/1m): 137dB HS
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- frequency range: 34-180Hz
- recommended amplifier power RMS: 1500W - 2400W
- 18" woofer, 4" voice coil, Xmax 10mm, neodymium magnet
- Max SPL efficiency (1W/1m): 140dB HS
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MBR118a LA3c

Active version of the FAVO MBR118 model designed to power line modules
- 3 amplifier channels 2500+2x800W RMS
- possibility to connect 4 line modules 16Ohm and additional bass MBR118 8Ohm
- fully configurable DSP processor with two inputs controlled via Ethernet and USB
- Max SPL efficiency (1W /1m): 135dB
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- frequency range: 32-170Hz
- recommended amplifier power RMS: 2500-4000W
- two 18" woofers, 4" voice coil, Xmax 10mm, neo magnet
- Max SPL efficiency (1W/1m): 143dB HS Read More


- frequency range: 24Hz -120Hz
- Recommended NAW MD4420 amplifier
- Two 18" woofers, 4.5" voice coil, Xmax 15mm, neodymium magnet
- Sensitivity Max SPL (1W/1m): 143dB HS
- Laminar bass port Reflex Read More

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