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Stage monitors

Stage monitors

Low profile, high SPL level, resistant to feedback and, above all, excellent timbre. Multifunctional as a floor monitor, but also a front sound system or supplementary elements on large stages.



- frequency range: 50 Hz - 20 kHz
- recommended RMS amplifier power: 600 - 800 W
- main woofer, neodymium, coaxial 15", driver 1.4"
- efficiency MaxSPL (1W/1m): 131 dB Read More


12" co-axial active floor monitor. Soon to be released Read More


- frequency range: 60 Hz - 20 kHz
- recommended RMS amplifier power: 300 - 400 W
- main woofer, neodymium 8" / 2" coil + driver 1" / 1.4" coil
- efficiency MaxSPL (1W/1m): 124 dB
- built-in mounting points for hanging
- great for a small stage and for permanent installation Read More

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