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Plug&Play Self Powered audio systems

Complete sound systems. Components selected optimally depending on the application, size of the audience, final price. Easy to use, light and well thought out. Choose the set you need and amplify your scene without worrying about anything. Read More

Line Arrays

Modern system solutions with a range of over 25m for the largest stages and audiences. Scalable and as easy to use as possible. We will offer you the optimal solution to sound the most demanding space. Read More

Point sources

Multifunctional coaxial and collinear satellites. Sound systems for stages, theaters, clubs and complementary elements of large events. To work in installations with dedicated accessories, amplifiers and DSP. Read More


Fully scalable sub-bass sound system components with high efficiency and excellent timbre. Optimized to work in both standard and directionally controlled configurations. Here you will find a cross-section of products from small studio basses to festival infrasubs. Read More

Stage monitors

Low profile, high SPL level, resistant to feedback and, above all, excellent timbre. Multifunctional as a floor monitor, but also a front sound system or supplementary elements on large stages. Read More


Efficient, multi-channel, lightweight stage amplifiers and processors. Thanks to the unique features of the integrated DSP, we offer even better control and protection of the loudspeaker system. Recommended for FAVO sound systems and devices from other manufacturers. Read More

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